About Us

The Berry Patch began in 1995 as a small strawberry farm.  Owner, Lee Berry, sold strawberries out of the back of his pickup truck on the side of highway 220 North. Lee and his wife Amy realized it would take something unique and original for drivers zipping down the highway to pull over and stop.  What used to be "produce highway" is now I-73/74, former US Hwy 220.  The Berry Patch is home of the "World's Largest Strawberry"!

The World’s Largest Strawberry is 24 feet tall and took over 5 months to complete. The giant berry houses an ice cream shop and the namesake produce.

As if a 24-foot strawberry is not a big enough deal, a highway project in 2011 forced the Berry’s to pull up the giant strawberry, load it onto a truck and drive it down the highway to a new location.

Lee and Amy were not born farmers but as Lee says, "My last name is Berry… it just fits; like it was meant to be."